Welcome To The Roanoke County Criminal Justice Academy


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    Available courses

    General Orders Test for new Officers

    These seven ACA courses are for in-service credit. These will have to be completed by November 21, to receive the in-service credit.

    Otherwise, you have until December 21 to complete the classes.

    This training is to certify individuals on the use of NARCAN. Once you have reviewed the power point, you will complete a short quiz and do a practical exercise which consist of administering NARCAN in all three ways, by syringe and atomizer, EVZIO, and, Intranasal NARCAN. Instructors will schedule days to meet with you to do the practical.   

    This course has be completed by all WVRJ staff, sworn and civilian.


    This is the review for annual qualification. This has to be reviewed prior to attending the range portion of it.

    You will take a short quiz that serves as your signature stating that you have reviewed the power point and policies prior to coming to the range.

    Power Point and signature blocks  

    Infection Control/BBP, are to be reviewed and quiz completed by all WVRJ staff and contract staff by February 9, 2018.

    ACA Moodle Training 2 for WVRJ Employees

    This is a mandatory ACA course that all WVRJ staff are to complete every year.